We are a small graphic design studio with a large network of creative professionals. This makes us flexible and at the same time able to offer the best people for the job. We work together with creative specialists in the field of web development, marketing, illustration, photography, film, music and text.


We work for various clients. From innovative start-ups to established large companies. From lawyers and consultants to foundations, theaters and hotel chains. We worked for Swissotel, Video Arts Learning, Akzente Filmproductions, AFB Lawyers, Ort Theater and more companies.



Designing a logo is one of the nicest jobs within graphic design. A tiny illustration needs to communicate what the company stands for, how it differentiates itself and it should be appealing to the target audience.


A corporate identity is the combination of shapes, logo, colours and typefaces which will be visible on all media, like the website and stationery. A good corporate design communicates the identity and values of a company.


We design, develop and implement websites. User experience and user friendliness, a high conversion rate, matching the corporate identity and eye for detail is what we focus on when designing a new website.


A clear marketing strategy and tactical plan are fundamental for developing efficient communication products. We can help you to define a clear marketing strategy and support with executing offline and online marketing activities.


Akzente Film

Corporate Identity

For filmproduction company Akzente we developed a logo and corporate identity. By accentuating the last syllable we point out several values that represent Akzente.
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Fabian Roesler

Corporate Identity

Fabian Roesler is director of photography (DOP) and steadicam operator. For the logo we scanned wooden toy blocks. The circel, square and triangle can also form a rec, stop and play button.
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Beschlaege Koenig

Corporate Identity

The Beschlaege Koenig sells interior hardware in Germany. We developed the corporate identity and webshop.
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Video Arts


For Video Arts we designed the templates that will be used to deliver their online learning courses. Besides we take care of designing and developing the online courses itself.
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Koken met Rene


Chef Rene has a passion for cooking and food. He has his own cooking show on the local television.
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For Swissotel we designed, developed and implemented an e-learning platform and the accompanying courses. Employees of Swissotel can log in and follow courses online. The platform has features like videos, exams, glossary, forum, news, calendar and profile. We provide updates, maintenance and user management via our maintenance plan.
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Open Mic Productions


We developed a logo for Open Mic Productions. The microphone is shaped with ripped pieces of paper. This expresses imperfection and DIY, characteristics of an open mic night.
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Oliver Thiede Composer


Oliver Thiede is a Munich based composer for film and advertising. We designed and developed a portfolio website for him.
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Logo / Website

Grantiek is a blog where you can find interior inspiration and tips. The logo is based on old banknotes.
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Angry Nerds


Angry Nerds is an acoustic party rock band, formed by two engineers and a scientist. We designed the logo, inspired by 8-bit games.
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Corporate Identity

We created a logo and Facebook campaign for Loopjongens. The Loopjongens (bell-boys) go with your shoppinglist to the shop(s), they buy your products and deliver them at your home.
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Ort Theater

Corporate Identity

Ort Theater is theater by which the building, with its history and stories, is the basis. Ort means 'place' or 'location' in German. Ort works together with locals that live near the selected building. The selected buildings have character and tell a story.
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A wedding invitation.
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Product Labels

D-Surf it! is a fair-trade brand developed to secure financial support to sports and development projects. Soul Surfers Foundation is preparing to start the Plastic Desert Project to upcycle plastic. We designed the productlabels. The labels are printed on various waste materials, like fabric, carton and plastic.
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Corporate Identity

For this consultancy company we developed a corporate identity. ID stands for both identity and idea.
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Online Banners

Online banners for Color Objects.
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